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Custom Tool Making of Finish Trepan Tool for the Machining Industry

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Custom Tool Making of Finish Trepan Tool for the Machining Industry

Tri Star Engineering, Inc. has been committed to the manufacturing of highly specialized and complex cutting tools since 1976. Over the years, we've acquired the specialists and technologies required to handle every aspect of most custom tool making.

A customer asked us to produce the CAD drawings for a custom trepan tool that would be used to cut 12L14 steel. It also had to work with replaceable inserts and Tri-Star delivered. To do it, we used our tungsten carbide tips because their ability to hold their cutting edge hardness, this ensures precision and cost advantages which benefit the customer. We have a range of special coatings for all tooling.

We met the customer supplied specifications and performed the required dimension inspection.

Our expert quality team has the experience and equipment required to accurately assess the quality of our tooling's surface finish, sizing, concentricity, and print compliance.

In today's time-pressed business environment, we use our computerized manufacturing and tracking to monitor and control the scheduling of our products and services.

The detailed part specifications can be seen in the following chart. To learn more about our custom manufacturing, contact Tri-Star Engineering directly.

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Highlights of this Custom Trepan Tool

Product Description This custom trepan tool is used to cut 12L14 Steel, this tool was manufactured to work with replaceable inserts.
Custom Tool Making Capabilities & Applied/Processes Primary:
CAD drawings
Barbed carbide Tips

CNC Rough Grinding
  • Grind 2 Flutes
Overall Part Dimensions Length: 3.10"
O.D.: Ø.5509
RH Flutes: 7 Axial Cam Relief/3ᵒRadial Cam Relief
Tightest Tolerances +.0000"\-.0005"
Total Runout of .0005"
Cylindricity of .0004"
Material Used M2 and C2 Tips
Max Material Finish 8 RMS
In process testing/inspection performed Dimensional Inspection
Volume No limit
Industry for Use Machining
Standards Met Customer supplied specifications
Product Name Custom Trepan Tool

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